How does this work?
Buy a game adventure pass for each person in your party. Choose a game. Play it at your table. Repeat. Think of your pass as similar to a movie ticket except you control the action of the movie.

What is included in my game adventure pass?
Access to over 900 board games, priority seating at our tables over non-gamers, a comfortable place to play, perks like the ability to bring in outside food or leave and come back under the same pass, events happening that day such as learn-to-play, care and upkeep for the games, and did we mention over 800 games?

Are you related to the Board Room?
No, but we appreciate everything they did for board gaming.

Who is this place geared for? Can I bring my family? Kids? A date?
We are a family-friendly cafe. Bring your grandparents, your young children, your date, or just yourself. All who welcome others are welcome here.

What do you have for food and drink options?
We offer general coffee shop options, including coffee, tea (lots of it), espresso, soda (including custom ones), bottled drinks, cookies, scones, brownies, pretzels, popcorn, chips, etc. We do not carry alcohol options.

Do you allow outside food? Do you do BYOB?
The purchase of a game adventure pass grants the ability to bring outside food in and we have several menus on hand for local restaurants to help with dinner plans. We do not allow alcohol on site.

Do you do birthday parties or have group rates?
We do! Please contact us at boardgames@backagaincafe.com with how many people, age ranges, whether you’re looking for just games or included food/drink, whether you’d want a private event, dates/times, and anything else you think we’d need to know to achieve your vision.

Can we reserve a table?
Yes! This is especially helpful on Saturdays where we fill up quickly. Call us at 860-854-6524 or email boardgames@backagaincafe.com to reserve your table. You can also find us on Facebook Messenger (@backagaincafe). Reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed by us and are held for 15 minutes from the time given for the reservation start unless we receive an update from your party.

Do you sell games?
Not at present, but it is part of our phase 2 plans.

Will you have [insert: Magic, D&D, Pokemon, chess, youth, senior, learn-to-play, looking for group, etc.] events?
Yes and no. We do events on specific board games and themed around holidays where bringing your own game group is not needed. Because we don’t sell games or cards, we are limited from hosting Magic or Pokemon tournaments and the like. However, we may have specific appreciation club-style events of this nature in the future. We are also working on getting D&D campaigns and one-shots going as well as specific day of the week events, such as Try a New Game Tuesdays with Pete. We also offer ongoing demos of new games. Check our Facebook page for event posts.

What is not allowed at your cafe?
Because we’re a food establishment, we cannot allow animals other than those designated as being in service as much as we wish we could. Smoking, vaping, and other similar elements are also not allowed in order to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere.

Do I have to play games?
No, you are welcome to come in and check things out with a tea and scone or such, but we will ask you to free up a table if someone who is gaming cannot otherwise find one.

Do you teach games? Does your staff know the games?
We know at least something about each of our games and can help you with them as much as the current crowd permits. We are also available for recommendations. We have several boards that can help guide you to a game and a key for our organizational sticker system that organizes games by length of time, age, player count, and whether they’re welcoming for new players.

Do you have a membership, loyalty, discount, or referral program?
We are working on a membership concept for the future, but presently we do have a loyalty program where a game adventure pass purchase gets you a stamp and 10 stamps can become a free game adventure pass. We also have a discount program where if you use a mug bought here for your drink you get 10% off of that drink and a referral program where 5 people bringing in your referral cards gets you a free game pass (they also get 10% off their game pass).