Scheduled Events

Coming soon to a table near you. Our Discord, Facebook or Instagram page will have the most recent updates.

Event Summary

Tuesdays 5/5:30pm – Try a New Game, a drop-in rotating game teach with new games each week

Tuesdays 6pm Biweekly – Pirate Borg, a drop-in pirate RPG with Cthulhu-style flair

Wednesday 6pm – Board Game Club, a drop-in group of friendly folk who play games together and welcome new players

Wednesday 6pm – Mystery Game Club, a drop-in group of mystery lovers looking to solve some game crimes (open & drop-in)

Thursday 7pm – Trivia, a general knowledge drop-in (early) event with prizes (solo players and groups welcome)

Friday 6pm – Heavy Games Night, featuring longer, crunchier games (drop-in, learn & play)

Friday 6pm – Choose Your RPG Adventure, a place to drop in and choose from a variety of easy-to-get-into roleplaying games for silly storytelling (no experience needed)

Friday 6pm Monthly – Puzzles Together, a place to drop in and work on jigsaw puzzles together with others wanting to do the same thing

Friday 6pm Monthly (3rd Fridays) – Classic Card Games, a drop-in place to learn and play card games like cribbage and rummy

Sunday 4pm – Blood on the Clocktower, a drop-in social deduction game that involves secret roles, deduction, and lying.