Scheduled Events

Coming soon to a table near you. Our Facebook or Instagram page will have the most recent updates.

Event Summary

  • Looking for others to game with or some fun gaming events?
    • Try A Game: Meet with Pete Tuesdays at 6pm to learn and play the game of the week
    • Board Game Club: Come in at 6pm on Wednesdays to game with friendly folk (club welcomes all who welcome others in gaming)
    • Heavy Game Night: A new game is featured every Friday at 6pm
    • Blood on the Clocktower: Drop by Sundays at 4pm for a large social deduction game
  • D&D & TTRPG Campaigns –
    • Alternating Fridays feature Random Encounter RPG’s at 6pm where the group will decide which indy RPG gets played that day (ex. Kobolds Ate My Baby, Bad Decisions, Pigeon’s Eleven…)
    • One Wednesday a month at 6pm is the TTRPG of the month
    • Other D&D and RPG campaign/one-shot opportunities are available on an evolving basis with the best information for these being on Discord ( or our social media
    • More information on any of these, including signup details, is available in the cafe
    • Looking to DM? Let us know. Want to learn how? We can help there too.
  • Trivia Thursdays – Thursdays from 7pm to close
    • We run weekly trivia and offer game adventure passes as prizes
  • Weekend Game Demos – These are generally noon to 3pm and will be advertised on our social media listings in advance
  • And More
    • Join our Discord to see what else we have going on, such as special holiday events and more.

Which type of events would you like to see?
– Looking for Group matchmakers
– Classic game tournaments
– Dungeons & Dragons or other TTRPG sessions
– Social deduction like Blood on the Clocktower or Werewolf
– Others?
Leave your nice comments below.